Hello and Welcome,

Hi, I am Dushi. Thank you for stopping by!

I run this Goodness and Favour Website and Etsy shop. I love making wall art and printables to inspire others.

I am a wife and a mum of two teenage boys – living an extremely busy life as I do have a full-time ministry running. To give you a little bit extra about my life, I left my full-time job as a Systems Engineer in 2013 in order to do ministry – now it is a full-time ministry and adds quite a lot of work to my daily schedule. I love it so much.

In 2019, I started this Website and Etsy Shop – Goodness and Favour. I started slowly but I love making wall Art and printables, and it is now becoming full-time work along with my ministry.

I hope that you will enjoy visiting my blog and these pieces from my shop as much as I enjoy creating them.

Love and Blessings,