26 Men’s Christmas Gifts for Every Budget

26 Men's Gifts for Every Budget

Christmas is just around the corner, and with that comes the mad rush for gifts. Let us make your purchasing that little bit easier with this Gift Guide for Men! It can sometimes be difficult to know where to shop for men, on a scale from basic to extravagant – we’ve got gifts here across a number of price ranges. You could stick to one range, or potentially combine your gifts across a number of ranges to help make Christmas that little more special for a man you know. Hope you enjoy this list of 26 men’s Christmas Gifts for every budget.

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Gifts Under $25

1. Autolock Men’s Genuine Leather Ratchet Dress Belt with Click Buckle

This belt by Autolock is sleek and elegant yet simple and easy to use. At just a touch under $25, it comes with 38 adjustments that allow for a very comfortable fit. The buckle is removable, allowing you to use scissors to trim the belt as desired and give a sharper, cleaner appearance. It comes with a gift box, making it perfect as a Christmas gift!

2. Free Bird 99 Shoulder Sling Chest Bag (Running, Hiking, Cycling)

This bag is perfect for a man you know who loves to get out and about in the great outdoors. It is small and lightweight, with 3 compartments for anything you wish to carry around (maybe a phone, keys, etc.). It is very versatile and can even be used as a travel bag or for day trips, helping keep the hands free.

3. Radix One Slim Wallet

This wallet is slim and sleek, much thinner than traditional wallets (therefore reducing the pocket-bulge; it is also significantly easier to carry around). The wallet is light and can hold up to 10 cards securely (the cards can be readily accessed as well). Cash can be stored in the wallet as well.

4. The Godfather Collection

This set is a blast from the past, yet is a perennial favourite with men of all ages, from the young to the young-at-heart. Marlon Brando and Al Pacino help transport viewers back to the New York mafia of the 1940s and 50s, keeping them on the edge of their seats.

5. Bourne: The Ultimate 5-Movie Collection

This set has nearly 10 hours of footage and covers the thrilling series based on the novels by Robert Ludlum. The films are a more recent favourite, with Matt Damon’s titular character providing plenty of excitement as he tries to find his identity.

6. The Matrix Trilogy

This cult classic still has much influence today and is sure to be a favourite with any men you know. An interesting take on reality, this keeps the juices flowing while also stimulating quite some thought.

7. Ultimate Hits – Garth Brooks

With around 2 hours of quality music, this one is sure to be a favourite with country lovers you know. Allow country legend Garth Brooks to take you on a journey with classics like “The Dance” and “More than a Memory”.

8. The Very Best of Slim Dusty

This collection from an Australian icon is a must-have for any patriotic Aussie man. With classics like “Waltzing Matilda”, “A Pub With No Beer” and “Sweeney”, this is sure to keep listeners well entertained (and perhaps even nostalgic!).

Gifts Under $50

9. Berchirly Canvas Messenger Shoulder Bag

This messenger bag is perfect for the commuting man – it is strong, with reinforced leather straps, and can hold a 15.6-inch laptop. Ideal for both students and workers, this is sure to be a hit with a man you know.

10. Calvin Klein Men’s RFID Blocking Leather Bookfold Wallet

This wallet stays true to the classic bifold design and has slots for 8 cards. There are spaces for bills and ID as well. Importantly, this wallet is RFID-blocking, meaning that any cards you store inside are safe from being inappropriately accessed.

11. Philips Men’s Electric Travel Shaver, cordless (comes with travel pouch!)

This is a basic 2 head cordless electric shaver, perfect for men who travel for work and need to look as sharp and clean as possible as they go from meeting to meeting. Comes with a travel pouch so it’s easy to carry around. Uses AA batteries, so keeping it operational is easy.

12. Van Heusen Men’s Smooth Reversible Belt

Reversible black/brown belt that is easy adaptable to numerous outfits, from the more formal to a smart casual. It is leather, so is durable, and is perfect as an all-purpose belt.

13. American IV: The Man Comes Around – Johnny Cash

This is available in both CD and vinyl form, and is filled with Johnny Cash gems. The American music legend bares all and expresses his deepest emotions in this very moving album. Perfect for any Johnny Cash fan, but also a must-listen for music fans in general.

14. Elvis’ Christmas Album

Available in both CD and vinyl form – this combines the best of both worlds. Perfect for this season of the year, Elvis Presley covers some Christmas classics as well as some of his original work. Great for all men, and particularly lovers of Elvis.

15. Indiana Jones: The Complete Collection

Very, very difficult to go wrong with this. Indy’s adventures are timeless and are always a surefire hit with men of all ages. This collection will help fans revisit their favourite moments over the holiday season, making it an ideal men’s Christmas gift.

Gifts Under $100

16. Antler Urbanite Evolve Holdall

This holdall is perfect for someone who travels regularly and needs a sturdy bag. It could also be a great choice for someone who needs to carry a lot of gear to and from the workplace, and so could be used every day as well!

17. Carrera Round Sunglasses (Black and Gold)

These authentic Carrera sunglasses are a bargain, and do not compromise on Carrera quality. They can help spice up a man’s fashion and keep them looking sleek and sharp. Prescription lenses can be fitted to them fairly easily as well.

18. Swatch Wave Path Sun-Brushed Men’s Watch

Basic and clean, yet not compromising on Swiss quality, this is a great addition to any man’s set of accessories. This watch is more in the casual style, and is great for using when out and about (so that expensive watches don’t need to be used all the time).

19. Casio MTP-V300L-2A Men’s Multifunction Watch

Sophisticated and sleek, this affordable watch is elegant and doesn’t compromise on Casio quality. Perfect to wear to work or for formal occasions, this has a three-dial display with day, date and 24 hour indicators.

20. Casio MTP-VT01L-1B Men’s Minimalistic Black Dial Analog Watch

This very simple watch is clean-cut and perfect for a man who doesn’t want anything too sophisticated, but doesn’t want to go too casual either. The band is genuine leather, and again, does not betray exceptional Casio quality. Great to wear for formal or casual occasions.

21. Philips Shaver Series 3000, Wet and Dry Cordless Electric Shaver

This shaver is perfect for all men – it is cordless and easy to use, and can run for an hour off a standard 1-hour charge. There is a pop-up trimmer as well that can help trim moustaches and sideburns, meaning that an additional trimmer isn’t necessary! Can be used for a wet or dry shave, making it extremely versatile.

22. Braun Series 3 3050cc Shaver with Clean & Charge Station

This sophisticated shaver from Braun is sleek and a great gift for the man who wants to look as sharp as possible. It can be used cordless, or plugged into mains power, making it usable in a variety of situations (either at home or on the road). There is a long hair trimmer for those hairs that are slightly too long for the shaver to get to during normal use, so all bases are covered with this shaver!

23. Colorado – Neil Young with Crazy Horse

This recording from legendary folk artist Neil Young is a must-have for music lovers, and particularly those who have followed Young for a long time. This reflects Young’s quality, and can be ordered in either an audio CD or vinyl form – the choice is yours.

24. What a Wonderful World/The Great Satchmo Live – Louis Armstrong

This live recording has 24 Louis Armstrong classics, including the much loved “What a Wonderful World”. Armstrong’s quality shines through in this recording, and lovers of soulful jazz music will love this album.  This one can also be ordered as a CD or as a vinyl (the latter may be preferred for those who want Armstrong’s rich sound to resonate).

25. Mission Impossible: The Complete TV Collection

This much-loved series is sure to be a favourite with any man who loves action-packed television. 46 discs with more than 130 hours of playback mean that this will be a gift that keeps recipients gripped by suspense for hours. This covers the very first series (from the 60s and 70s), so there’s probably some action here that modern audiences haven’t really seen much of!

26. Middle Earth Collection (The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings trilogies)

The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings trilogies are timeless classics, favourites with men both young and old. Allow them to explore Middle Earth again, revisiting these classic films in the comfort of their homes. With more than 17 hours of playtime, this is sure to be a hit. This set is available in both Blu-Ray and DVD form.

Hope you found something from the Christmas gift guide listed above that appeals to you – feel free to take a look at these 26 men’s Christmas Gifts for every budget.


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