13 Gifts for Boosting Health and Wellness

Are you looking to get back into shape, or do you have a friend you want to encourage to join you on your journey to better health? This set of 13 Gifts for Boosting Health and Wellness is perfect for either you or a friend seeking self-improvement in the areas of diet, exercise and organisation. These 13 gifts are all under $40, and so provide an affordable entry point to better health and fitness. You can combine them, or use them individually, up to you!

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1. DEGOL Skipping Rope Tangle-Free (Memory Foam Handles)

Skipping is one of the most effective cardiovascular training activities and can help build fitness and endurance if you are dedicated to practising regularly. It is easy and inexpensive to get into, and this skipping rope with memory-foam handles for extra comfort is a perfect rope to begin with.

2. SKLZ Reaction Ball

This seemingly unconventional ball is a valuable tool for training reflexes, coordination and depth perception. It is inexpensive and provides a fun activity to add to workouts.

3. Black Mountain Static Strength Exercise Stability Ball (with pump)

This exercise ball is perfect for training core strength and balance. It provides a challenge and is easy to use. It comes in a range of sizes and also has a pump to help inflate the ball when needed.

4. Neoprene Waist Trainer Belt

This neoprene belt is designed to help shape the abdomen by inducing sweating in order to reduce belly fat faster. It helps improve posture as well, and is great to use during workouts.

5. Dual Sided Gliding Discs (for core workouts)

These discs are small and easy to use. They can be used in gliding exercises on a variety of floor surfaces, helping build abdominal strength in an easy way. Because of their size, they can be travelled with, meaning that you don’t have to break your workout routine when you’re away from home!

6. Elite Swimming Pull Buoy Float

This is a classic pool aid, used by swimmers to help train upper body strength and stroke technique. This is a great tool for you to use to help build endurance and increase fitness.

7. Power Guidance Pull Up Assist Bands

These resistance bands are great for all sorts of resistance training. There are a range of resistance levels, making them suitable for all levels of fitness. Using these during workouts can help increase strength and muscular endurance.

8. Hydro Flask Insulated Stainless Steel Sports Water Bottle

It’s critically important to stay hydrated during workouts. This popular water bottle is insulated, meaning that it can keep your drink at the temperature you prefer for a long time. It is a convenient size, easy to grip and easy to sip from.

9. Portable Juice Blender for Smoothies

Smoothies are a great, healthy way to ensure you’re getting enough fruit and vegetables in your diet. Having this portable blender means that you can make and drink smoothies wherever you find yourself. It comes with a small cup as well, making it convenient to use on the road as well as at home.

10. Salad-making bowl

This bowl is inexpensive and easy to use when making salads. It can also help when rinsing and straining vegetables. Using this to make salads can allow you to serve salads within seconds.

11. V&A William Morris Recipe Box

This box with recipe cards included can be used to write down your favourite recipes (including some of the ones I’ve shared on this blog!). You won’t forget or lose recipes again with this convenient kitchen addition.

12. Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

These bags are breathable and washable, and are perfect for storing the fresh produce you use in salads, smoothies and in general everyday diet. They are inexpensive and allow any moisture to escape through their breathable mesh. They are easy to clean, making them a great kitchen addition.

13. Busy B Goals Diary

This diary for 2020 (a head start on next year!) will allow you to plan out activities for the year, including plans about exercise and fitness, meals, key dates and much more. It will help you stay consistent with whatever you do and will be a great addition to your life going forward.

Hopefully, these 13 gifts for boosting health and wellness provide you with a starting point for a healthier lifestyle!

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