Discover Why Running Is So Effective for Weight Loss

Step into any gym and you’ll discover that the most used machines at the gym are the treadmills. The moment someone says that they need to lose weight, the first exercise they usually think of is usually running or jogging. There is a reason for this. So, let’s discover why running is so effective for weight loss. In fact one of the most effective ways to lose weight. While there’s a lot of debate in the fitness industry about steady-state cardio and HIIT, no one doubts the fact that running works.

They only debate about speed, frequency and duration. In this article, we’ll look at 5 reasons to discover why running is so effective for weight loss and why you should include it in your training regimen, provided your doctor clears you for the activity.


As human beings, we’ve evolved to run, walk, jump, climb, etc. These are the natural movements that our bodies are used to. That’s one of the reasons why (you can read 6 Benefits Why Walking is Great for Women here). walking, (Please read How to Improve Your Stamina with Running here). running and skipping is so effective for weight loss.

Our bodies are designed to respond to these methods of training. When you run often, you’ll discover that your stamina improves within 2 weeks or so. From then on, the more you train, the fitter you’ll get.

This is very different from trying to learn a skill like archery, throwing darts or even bowling. It takes ages to master those – but not running. You can see improvements very fast when you do what your body was designed to do.


EPOC refers to a state known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. This term refers to your body being in an accelerated state of calorie burning due to high-intensity training.

Running is one of the best ways to create an EPOC state in your body. Even 15 to 20 minutes of fast sprints will be enough to put your body in calorie burning mode for up to 12 hours after the workout ends.

Your body will be a fat-burning furnace and you’ll lose as much fat as possible. It’s a highly efficient form of training.

Convenient and low cost

You really don’t need much in the way of equipment to run. All you need is a good pair of running shoes and some comfortable attire. You don’t need fancy gym equipment or an expensive gym membership.

That makes this form of training accessible to anyone on a low budget. Even if you can’t afford shoes, barefoot running has become very popular these days.
You don’t need treadmills. You can run at the park or around the block. You’re not constrained by gym operating hours. You can run anytime you want. It’s flexible and fantastic.


There are several variables that you can change to improve your strength. You can run at a slow pace or at a high pace also can run uphill or downhill and can run for 20 minutes or you can run for an hour.

There are short-distance runners and there are ultra-marathoners who run for hours. Running doesn’t have to be boring. You can alter the variables and keep your training interesting.


You can always make your running more challenging by wearing weight belts or running up slopes. You’ll burn more fat and get much fitter when you keep pushing yourself. You’re only limited by your imagination.

These 5 reasons should show you why running is so effective for weight loss and why it’s a form of training that will NEVER go out of style.

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