Discover Why You Need to Believe That You Deserve Wealth

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You’ve come round to the idea of manifesting wealth through the believing that you need wealth. You say your affirmations and fill your mind with pictures of abundance. But in your heart of hearts, there’s a niggling question: Do I deserve wealth? Do I deserve all that I am asking for? Discover Why You Need to Believe That You Deserve Wealth.

Many face the same doubt, laboring under the belief that what we have or have not done is related to what you deserve in terms of wealth. You rationalize by looking at others: “She was smart enough to have saved a lot when she was young. He has a really high IQ so he was always going to make it.”

Guess what? Lots of people save early in life. And many of them get wiped out because some kind of disaster struck. Likewise, countless people have high IQs and phenomenal ideas. Many of these people are also living on the street.

You should discover why you need to believe that You deserve wealth. Believing that you deserve all the wealth you want is fundamental to the law of attraction. This is your bedrock, the self-belief that you must rejig first in order to allow abundance to flow.

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In other words, stop using your time and energy to assess what kind of person you are and where you went wrong with money. This places constant, relentless focus on the wrong choices you think you made and only reinforces the idea that a person like you doesn’t deserve wealth.

But you do. Plain and simple.

And here’s how you know that. Take a look at all the wealthy people around you, the ones who are free from money woes, the ones who can live easily in the present because they look forward to a joyful tomorrow. Do you really, really believe that they never put a foot wrong when it came to their finances?

Of course they did, because everyone has. But these are the ones who didn’t spend years beating themselves up about it. Instead, they forgave themselves, revved up their self-belief and went on to achieve full financial freedom. They adamantly refused to believe that they didn’t deserve it.

Your mind is key

You can use it to tell yourself you’re worthless, in which case, you will feel worthless. Wealth is not attracted to worthlessness. It is attracted to confidence and an unshakeable belief that everything that you have is not just deserved, it is well-deserved.

So when you catch yourself being negative or you notice your habit of putting yourself down, immediately arrest your train of thought and let it go no further. Tell yourself that you deserve nothing but the best. Use that powerful mind of yours. It will take practice – lifetime habits can be hard to break – so start with something simple.

When you start to berate yourself, change that immediately to, “I deserve my wealth.” Keep it to these four words at the beginning. “My” wealth, you ask?”

Yes. The wealth is already yours.

You just need the firm belief to bring it to you. By saying it’s yours, you are also getting into the frame of mind of being wealthy.

1. “I should have bought a much cheaper car.” Strike that. I DESERVE MY WEALTH.
2. “Why did I buy all these handbags? I don’t need designer labels.” Nope. I DESERVE MY WEALTH.
3. “If only I hadn’t gone on that holiday…” Nope. I DESERVE MY WEALTH.
4. “I was foolish to venture out on my own. I should have stuck to a Mon-Fri job.” Wrong again. I DESERVE MY WEALTH.
5. “I enjoyed myself too much when I was younger. If I hadn’t, I’d have a lot more now.” What do we say? Exactly – I DESERVE MY WEALTH!

Use affirmations as much as possible. Say it when you wake up, before you go to bed and at every opportunity in between. Don’t rationalize, justify or make a case as to why you deserve wealth. If you are just starting your life – graduating from College and High School, remember to climb higher.

Just understand what the universe is trying to tell you. Your wealth already has your name written on it. All you need to do is realize – fully and firmly – that what’s yours will come to you.

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