How I earn an Extra 100 Dollars a Week

How I Earn an Extra 100 a Week

There are plenty of ways to earn extra cash. Some ways are harder than others. I always find doing surveys is a fun and easy way to earn extra cash. Without even leaving the comfort of your home you can earn extra cash. There are no time restrictions – whenever you are free you can do them. Most importantly, the more you do surveys, the more surveys you will get to do. When you genuinely give your opinion and do them diligently the companies will love to get your opinion. I love doing surveys and give my opinion – also, shopping online or watching videos to earn points is a really fun way to earn extra cash and even gift cards. I do earn extra cash and gift cards, which I can use for my weekly groceries. You also can earn an extra 100 dollars cash every week from the below survey sites.


1. RewardFish – US & Canada

With RewardFish you earn gift cards from your favourite retailers. To get started, simply create a RewardFish account by completing the sign-up form and then you can start your journey by completing surveys, quizzes and activities that are available. You can redeem your earnt points for awesome gift cards. You can sign up here for RewardFish.

2. OpinionInn

With OpinionInn, you earn money by completing surveys, which are then credited to your OpinionInn account, in the form of redeemable money that you can access through PayPal. (When redeeming, there is a minimum redeem limit of $25.) OpinionInn is offering a minimum of $10 as a signup bonus to all respondents. With OpinionInn, you can also participate in the monthly draw for $500 given you are an active member and have completed at least 5 surveys that month. As soon as your profile is complete, you will start receiving surveys from OpinionInn based on your interests. Now you can begin your journey immediately, getting up to $100 for a survey, depending on the survey requirements. Sign up for OpinionInn here.


With Swagbucks, you can get free gift cards & money for the things you do every day online – from shopping online to watching entertaining videos to searching the web and answering surveys. Redeem the points you get for gift cards to your favourite retailers like Amazon and Walmart or simply get cash back through PayPal. You can sign up for Swagbucks here.

4. PanelPlace – Online Market Research US & UK

PanelPlace is a company that finds and personalizes opportunities for members to complete surveys for the extra cash they offer, usually based on preferences and interests. You can sign up to gain bonus points, contests and other great promotions regularly to reward users. This allows for more opportunities for participants to earn. However, it should be noted that PanelPlace is simply a portal where other survey sites are listed. Check it out here.

5. PanelPlace – Online Market Research AU

The above link is if you are from Australia – like me!

6. Make Money Surveys

Another great site to make money from your own home is Make Money Surveys, which lets users get paid just to take surveys online – another fun way to earn extra cash. Just by doing these surveys, you can easily earn some money. Share your opinions for cash – too easy! You can sign up for Money Surveys here.

7. Opinion Surveys

Just like the other survey sites, Opinion Surveys allows users to get paid for sharing their opinions by taking surveys online. You can sign up for Opinion Surveys here.

Without even leaving the comfort of your own home you can earn some extra money on these sites. I find it really interesting and a fun and engaging way to earn extra dollars to add to your pocket. You can be a busy mum like me but still, I can find some time to do a couple of surveys a day to get some extra cash into my wallet. Trust me, it’s really fun! Hope you find these survey sites to earn an extra 100 dollars every week.

How I Earn an Extra 100 dollars a week

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links to products and services I am passionate about. Purchasing via these links won’t cost you any extra but it will help me enormously.


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