Is God Real?

Is God Real?

‘Is God Real?’ is a question many have. Below is my story, based off which I am sure that God is real.

From the time my husband and I got married we were trying for a baby. I was a Buddhist, making vows at the temple and taking part in all rituals and ceremonies according to Buddhism. I thought this would result in me becoming pregnant. On the other hand, my husband was a Catholic.

Although we were financially sound, our desire was for a baby and a house that we were planning to build. Everything was in place for our house to be built after toiling for six long months to find land, a builder and a financier.

Having invested all our savings into a deposit, we were able to obtain a huge loan to finance our land and the construction of our house. However, within just one week of starting the building process, my husband lost his job. We were devastated and didn’t know what to do. With a big mortgage, yet having lost a major income stream, we couldn’t imagine our future, but we decided to go ahead and build the house no matter what happened later. Even now, I do not know how we were so determined that we were willing to commit to that.

Later on, when I came home from work one day, I noticed that my husband was going through some hymn sheets. That day, I suggested that we pray together. Every evening from then on, we started praying, singing and reading the Bible together.

The day after our first prayers, my husband was called for an interview to be held on the following Monday. We continued praying and thanked the Lord for giving my husband an opportunity to go for an interview. He was one of five people shortlisted for the interview and was interviewed as scheduled.

Although the results were originally intended to be revealed to him on the following day, the agent called him to confirm his success within six hours of the interview! The agent also stated that only my husband had gone to the interview because all the others shortlisted were either able to find another job or were offered a better position with their existing employer.

I realised that there was a living supernatural Power that could answer our wishes and prayers. I believed in the presence of this Mighty Power. However, as a faithful Buddhist, I continued my Buddhist rituals in addition to worshipping our Lord.

This was around the time I was going for my fourth attempt to become pregnant through an IVF program. The transfer was done on 8th December 1997. After two weeks, I went for my first pregnancy test – it was positive and a week later my pregnancy was confirmed! Then, on 14th January 1998 we visited the hospital for my first ultrasound. We were in for a surprise – I had conceived with twins! We continued with our praise and worship, in addition to my Buddhist rituals.

After this joyous moment, our house was soon completed and we moved into the new house on 20th March 1998. However, on 24th March, I fell sick at work. We soon found out that I had ruptured one of the two waterbags at 17 weeks. We were in the emergency ward, originally of the opinion that we could go home after an ultrasound. We did not realise the gravity of the situation until the doctor told me that I would have to be in hospital for some time. We were told that I could go into labour at any moment and as such both the babies were at risk. We were devastated – I thought my pregnancy was over after just four months.

I was transferred to the pre-natal ward, where one of the nurses explained the situation. Both of us were in tears and were desperate for help. However, on the first night in hospital, I read Psalm 91 as my husband had asked me to. This gave me fresh hope and strength and I was convinced that nothing would go wrong.

The consultant made me understand that the situation was beyond his control and I should keep my fingers crossed. I was told my case was a very rare one – he had even held a meeting with other consultants and paediatricians to assess my case.

Devastatingly, I experienced chills on the second day – I had been told this was one of the key symptoms of going into labour. Despite this, I realised that man cannot do anything – only a supernatural Power could change the situation.

The following day the Professor of the department performed an ultrasound and confirmed that I had ruptured a water bag. I was told that the baby who ruptured the bag was not going to survive, and even if he/she survived he/she would have been severely handicapped. Beyond this, I still had a big chance of going into labour.

Unfortunately, what I feared came true – after two weeks, another ultrasound confirmed that I had lost the baby with the ruptured water bag. The consultant then informed me that I had to pass at least 24 weeks without going into labour so that there would be a fair chance of saving the second twin.

I needed some spiritual guidance at this moment – this was provided by a lady who visited me daily. She was a regular visitor at my bedside and prayed for me, giving me spiritual advice and publications regarding faith and salvation. This reinforced my conviction and I committed to reading the Bible and praying day and night when I was alone.

One day, I was alarmed to see that I was bleeding, and it was confirmed that this was from the baby I had already lost. I had to go through so many tests that day and was extremely tired – to add insult to injury, the medical staff told me that it was the end of my pregnancy because I would go into labour at any moment.

I was in prayer the rest of the day, but in the very early hours of the following day I was awoken suddenly. I felt someone near my bedside. I looked but found no one there! Then I realised in my spirit that it was Jesus who was near me at that very moment. My bleeding stopped immediately, and I felt such peace in my heart.

Time passed and I lived each day glorifying the Lord for giving me strength. Each day was a day of victory for me. One of the registrars wished me the Lord’s blessings and guidance in overcoming my ordeal.

I was discharged from hospital at 21 weeks, still carrying the risk of going into labour. On that day, I found out from the nurses how hopeless my case was and that almost everyone had written me off. Before I left the hospital, I gave my life to the Lord Jesus accepted Jesus as my personal saviour.

I continued my clinical visits and was attended to specifically by the consultant himself. Every visit was a victory for me because I was covered by the blood of our Lord. The lady who was visiting me was always on hand to pray for me before my visits to the clinic. The consultant continued to give me rays of hope – he was the only person on the medical team who believed in my recovery when all others doubted it. He was a real inspiration.

I noticed the living baby kicked me each time I read the Scriptures and praying. When the baby wasn’t moving much, I always resorted to prayer and the Bible which resulted in the baby kicking me without a break. Each time we visited our church his movements were intense when we sang praise and worship songs. It was very noticeable to the naked eye.

I glorify the Almighty God for allowing me to complete the full term of my pregnancy even though just 24 weeks would have been sufficient to have a fair chance to save the baby. I delivered the miracle baby four days before my due date. The registrar who delivered the baby was the one who wished me the Lord’s blessings. The nursing staff who attended to me made me understand that I had the slimmest of chances of having this baby delivered.

My strength rested in reading Mark 11:22-24 and Psalm 138. I read them over and over like daily affirmations.

We dedicated our child to our Lord since he was a gift from Him – Jesus our Saviour saved him. This was a promise we made to the Almighty when I was expecting the baby. We were praying for a healthy and normal baby and the Lord gave us what we prayed for. Our son is now 21, and is studying at university.

This is my story. Every time we go through something I always remember how big our God is. Whatever you go through in life, He is there for you. All you have to do is to call out to Him.

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