Managing Your Workouts to Manage Your Acne

Managing Your Workouts to Manage Your Acne

The pace of today’s lifestyle demands that we make time for exercise just to keep a baseline level of fitness and well-being. This is even more important if you have an acne problem. Your dermatologist may have told you that improved circulation has a significant impact on keeping acne away. However, you’ll need to manage your workouts well. If you don’t, exercise can sometimes lead to even more issues with your skin. Managing your workouts to manage your acne – The tips below will help you avoid that. 

1. Makeup

Never, ever work out with your makeup on. Many of us rely on the gym, especially during stretches of inclement weather when we can’t exercise outdoors. This means leaving your home without your “face” on and it’s understandable why some women may be very reluctant to do so.

However, removing your makeup before your work out is imperative because makeup clogs pores. Your sweat is meant to carry waste material away from your pores, but it can’t do its job if there’s a ‘blockade’ of concealer or foundation.

So, cast your fears aside and confidently train without makeup knowing that every single step of exercise is a step away from acne.

2. Exercising outdoors

Fair-weather days permit us to switch the exercise regime up a little. Instead of the treadmill, you can take a long, brisk walk along a scenic route. If you have a dog, you can set aside days to hike with him or her. Nature calms your mind, and that will go towards calming your skin.

Never forget to use a good sunscreen. Most people with sensitive skin do not tolerate regular brands of sunscreen well. Make sure that your sunscreen is unscented. You may want to look for a gel that has sun protection in it, as opposed to an oil-based product. If in doubt, consult your dermatologist or family physician.

3. Your workout outfits

Any skin irritation can cause a flare-up, so you need to avoid chafing while you’re working out. Make sure your clothes are not too tight. They might look trendy, but you won’t be doing yourself any favors.

Wear natural, breathable fibers like cotton or moisture-wick material specifically made for sports. If you cycle, you’ll want to ensure that your helmet is a snug fit – wiggle room can cause more chafing. You can read my blog 3 Ways to Clear Your Acne Fast here.

4. Mindful exercise

Though gyms have a standard policy that machines must be wiped after use, you’ll never know if the user before you actually did it. Key in your settings after you’ve cleaned that dashboard.

Pay attention to the cleanliness of your gym bag. You can’t control the environment inside lockers, so be sure to clean your gym bag (inside and out) after 3-4 workouts. You may want to get a canvas bag that you can just toss into the washer every now and then.

Experts differ on which kind of exercise is most beneficial to people prone to acne. Some endorse intensive workouts to really get your circulation going. The idea is that blood carries oxygen to your cells and sweat washes the waste away.

Other experts stand by exercises and training styles ground you, stretch your muscles, and help to relax. This way you’ll drive away the anxiety and this will reduce your chances of getting stress-related breakouts.

Follow the tips above and exercise regularly. Besides just keeping acne at bay, exercise will strengthen your body, help with weight management and give you the body you’ve always desired.

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