Raw Food Diet – What are the Benefits?

Raw food diet is one of the most beneficial diets on the planet, so let’s take a look at what exactly the raw food diet is and what the benefits are.

Discover the Benefits of the Raw Food Diet

Most people who get on a raw food diet will have some goal or objective in mind. Whatever your health goal may be, the raw food diet will be a very powerful ally in helping you reach it. The diet is immensely healthy, beneficial and proven to work. While many diets are hit or miss, the raw food diet like healthy smoothies is always on the mark. As human beings, this is the diet we evolved to be on.

Everything our ancestors ate was natural. The raw food diet closely resembles what they ate. However, unlike the paleo diet, there is no meat in the raw food diet, because there’s very little cooking to be done when you’re on a raw food diet. Since you can’t cook meat, it’s not allowed.

Vegetables will give you enough proteins. We don’t realize that a cup of broccoli contains more protein than meat, and broccoli is rich in fiber. You can benefit from products made out of 100% fruits and vegetables like Balance of Nature.


Raw Food Diet


Let’s look at some of the benefits that can be derived from eating raw foods. There are many… but we’ll just touch on the most common benefits.

  • Weight loss 

One of the main reasons why thousands adopt this diet like this Smoothie Diet. The foods in the raw food diet are rich in nutrients but have a low-calorie density. They also contain more fiber and volume, which fills you up faster. So, not only are you reaching satiation sooner, but you’re getting all the nutrients you need and you’re consuming fewer calories. This is a win-win-win situation.

With a normal diet, you may get food cravings or end up overeating. The food cravings arise because the body didn’t get the nutrients it needed. It probably only got salt, fats, processed sugars and other fillers from the processed food. It still craves more food because it wants the nutrients that the raw fruits and vegetables have.

Now you probably understand why you still feel hungry even when you just had a meal an hour earlier.

  • Cleans and clears your system 

Raw food diet will detoxify your body. Any inflammation you have will subside in a week or two. The moment processed sugar is taken out of your diet, your body will feel much better. Fruit sugars are fine. High fructose corn syrup is NOT.

Fiber in the raw foods will help to clear the waste in your body more effectively. There is an abundance of antioxidants in these foods and they’ll assist in eradicating the harmful toxins in your body.

  • Cut your food costs 

You’ll discover that the amount you spend on food goes down once you’re not buying processed foods and meat. There’s a common misconception that organic food is more expensive and eating raw will cost more.

Not all the food you eat needs to be organic. If you can afford it, go for it. If you can’t just normal raw foods and vegetables will still work wonders. Balance of Nature products is something that worthwhile to check out as they made out of 100% fruits and vegetable.

Beyond food costs, you’ll also be avoiding any potentially hefty medical bills. It’s easy to forget what might happen if you let your diet slide and you eat without thought of the consequences.

Heart disease, cholesterol problems, and many other issues can be very expensive to treat. Prevention is better than cure… and the raw food diet is your best tool for prevention.

Other than that, there are also benefits such as more energy and anti-aging properties. By now, you should be aware that this diet is a wonderful one to start on and you’ll be much better off eating less from a box and more from the earth. Give the raw food diet a try today – Develop Mindful Eating Habits. 

Raw Food Diet Basics: What You Need to Know

Raw food diet is a highly restrictive diet, yet, if you can adopt it, you’ll look and feel the difference faster than you ever thought possible.

Like the name suggests, you’re only allowed to eat raw food. That immediately rules out foods like poultry and other meats. Most of your diet will consist of seeds, nuts, raw fruits and vegetables.

The good news is that these foods contain most of the macro and micronutrients that you’ll need. The bad news is that it may take a while to adapt to this diet. You do not have to be on this diet permanently unless you truly love it. Even being on a raw food diet for 3 days a week will help to detox your system and allow you to reap the health benefits.

The reason that raw food is so beneficial is that when you cook foods, you alter their nature. The antioxidants in most foods are light and heat sensitive, and cooking damages them. There are amazing products like what Splendid Spoon offers that you can be benefitted when it comes to raw food diet. Splendid Spoon is a satisfying plant-based meal program that is ready to eat, pre-portioned, calorie-controlled, and made with only whole ingredients. It’s a convenient way to shed unwanted pounds, feel healthy, and change the way people think about eating.


The water in the foods evaporates when exposed to heat. So, the volume of food decreases but the calories remain. You end up eating more calories than you need. During the cooking process, the proteins in the food become denatured and toxins also get introduced into the food. A raw food diet eliminates all these negative issues.

These are the basics and benefits of the raw food diet:
  • Ideal for detoxification and reducing inflammation in the body
  • Contains low amounts of sugar and reduces sugar addiction
  • The calories are manageable, and you’ll lose excess weight easily
  • Rich in protein and micronutrients
  • Contains no raw or cooked meat
  • Uses juicing as a technique to process several foods for consumption
  • It’s best to use organic raw food whenever you can
  • Sometimes, you may be allowed to do some light cooking with certain vegetables
  • Focuses on raw edible food and emphasizes the avoidance of processed foods

You want to be consuming foods as close to their natural state as possible. This is the key to the raw food diet. In some cases, it may be tough to eat raw broccoli. That’s exactly why juicing is used for vegetables that you may not exactly like. When you juice it, it’ll be easier to gulp it down and you’ll still get all the benefits of the vegetable.

No need to worry about losing the fiber because many other foods in the raw food diet will contain the fiber that your body needs. Generally, with a raw food diet, most of your calories will be from carbohydrates with about 20 percent comprised of fats and proteins.

You’ll not gain weight despite the high percentage of carbs because most of these are natural carbs from fruits and vegetables. You’ll find that you have more energy and if you exercise often, you’ll still be fit and healthy. There’s enough protein in this diet to keep you strong.

Here are some essentials you might like to consider in maintaining a healthy raw food kitchen. Click the links to view images of each product!

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5-Star Chef Food Dehydrator with 5 trays

A dehydrator is a great addition to the kitchen for anyone adhering to a raw food diet (or any diet for that matter) – it will help prevent foods from spoiling. It can also add variety to the foods you eat (fruits and vegetables can be supplemented by a cracker-like derivative that has no additives).

Portable Juice Blenders for Smoothie (USB Rechargeable)

I have also mentioned this product in my gift guide for better health and wellness – a blender is essential for anyone wanting to live healthy. You can make juices and smoothies with a wealth of fruits and vegetables, providing a tasty drink packed with nutrients.

Breville The Kinetix Twist Blender

Another blender available is this heavy-duty blender; this might suit long term use better and may be more durable. However, it is quite expensive and is not too essential.

ODN Plastic Hand Manual Squeezer

In the same vein as blenders, juicers are a very useful tool for anyone on a raw food diet seeking to add variety to their food and drink options. Some juicers are manual (and are generally designed for use with citrus fruits) while blenders are also an option for juicing (the latter are generally more versatile and can juice a wide variety of fruits). Note that vegetable juices can also be made: you do have a lot of scope!

Vegetable Chopper/Cutter Slicer

Following on from the previous two examples, food processors are a must-have because of how easy they make cooking! They save you time in chopping fruits and vegetables finely for dishes like salads, for example.

HOMAR Multifunction Slicer

This slicer is multi-function, in that it can be used as a mandolin slicer, grater, shredder, peeler or julienne slicer. This is a great tool to have in that it allows further variety to the way you eat and combine fruits and vegetables.

Breville BCG200BSS The Coffee & Spice Grinder (can be used for coffee, nuts and spices)

A grinder like this is a great tool to have in the kitchen, allowing easy powdering of nuts and coffee beans. This may assist in adding flavour to salads and other meals, or may be used in nut milks – up to you!

Instant Salad Vegetable Fruit Bowl Maker

As mentioned in my gift guide for better health and wellness, this bowl is inexpensive and easy to use when making salads. It can help with chopping easily, while also helping when rinsing and straining vegetables. Using this to make salads can allow you to serve salads within seconds.

Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

This was also mentioned in my gift guide for better health and wellness. These bags are perfect for storing the fresh produce you use in salads, smoothies and in general everyday diet. Because they are breathable, they can allow any moisture to escape through their mesh. This helps keep produce as fresh as possible until it is used.

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