3 Ways to Keep Negativity at Bay and Attract Wealth

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The universe is kind. Ask for something and it shall be given. It really is as simple as that. However, the universe, like everything else, abides by laws. And the your words and thoughts work on ground made fertile by positive attitudes. But as the news and media bombard us with so many stories of war and all kinds of cruelty and bloodshed, how do you remain upbeat? When the rent is due and your account is nearly empty, how do you find cheer? It’s a challenge for even those with the sunniest of personalities. Here are the 3 ways to keep negativity at bay and attract wealth to keep your spirits up when despair threatens to take over.

1. Start Your Day Well

This can’t be emphasized enough. Begin your day well with a morning ritual you love. Play some of your favorite music, enjoy a hot cup of coffee or take a walk. Do something that lifts your spirits.

If you’ve done a vision board with everything that you want in full, living color, pull that baby out and take a long, deep, satisfying look at it. Examine every detail on it. Close your eyes for a minute and imagine living that life, the one with the perfect car, the gorgeous home – whatever makes you happy. Really immerse yourself in this bright new world – it’s a guaranteed mood-changer.

2. Declutter

Is your desk so papered over that you can’t see the surface? Is your wardrobe groaning from the piles of clothes you never wear but can’t bring yourself to get rid of?

Money and wealth cannot come into your life if you don’t make space for it. Set aside some serious time and go through your wardrobe. Pull out everything you haven’t worn in a year and give it to Goodwill. Not only will a tidy wardrobe cheer you up, you’ll have passed on the cheer to the person who receives your clothes.

The same goes for your desk, your bookshelves, your nightstand – everything. A neat home or workspace is energizing to walk into. This very simple step will go a long way in rejuvenating your worn spirits.

3. Smell the Roses

Let’s face it. While the law of attraction works when you are in a positive frame of mind, it’s hard to keep your spirits up when you’re wondering just when the electric company is going to cut you off. But in such despair, you can find the joy.

Every day, look for one thing that is pure, raw happiness. It could be the remarkable color of the sky. Perhaps it’s two little schoolchildren laughing and giggling while making their way to school. Maybe it’s your spouse or your kids.

Whatever it is, capture that scene in your mind. Now take a minute and feel the joy of it. That sky that no painter could ever capture; those kids, carefree and laughing innocently; your family and the boundless love that you actively feel for them every moment of every day. Stop and smell the roses.

You’ve just shifted all your focus on worry, and instead, you’re now focusing on joy. Treasure that feeling and guard it well. You will need to recreate it as often as possible because just like us humans, the universe likes joy and appreciation.

The law of attraction is there for all of us. But when you’re living the nightmare instead of the dream, it’s very, very difficult to keep hope alive. Use these 3 simple strategies to effect an immediate change in your mood. As you keep practising them, more and more strategies will become apparent to you.

Keep the faith and enjoy your wealth.

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