Finding Balance in Life While Striving for Financial Success Online


Getting stressed out, being burned out, feeling sick and depressed, eating poorly, gaining weight, living a sedentary lifestyle, etc. and much more are often the trademarks of an online marketer trying to make his/her mark in the world.

The hundreds of hours spent in front of the computer as you build web properties, tweak your sales copy, build funnels and do all the hundred and one things required to create your online business can take a severe toll on you over time.

The harsh truth is that this is a very time-consuming endeavor. On the surface, everyone talks about easy profits, autopilot income and working 4 hours a week. Reality though, tells a whole different story.

The guys at the top have systems in place and can outsource a huge chunk of their business. This frees up a lot of their time to have a work-life balance.

The beginners and intermediate marketers who are struggling to reach this stage, often have a day job and return home to do what they can until they are bleary-eyed and need to sleep… only to wake up the next day and rush off to work.

Since their online business consumes their lives and thoughts, everything else is neglected. They tell themselves that they will get healthy when the business is making the money. They’ll spend time with their family when they’re working just 20 minutes a day.

These are the excuses that they tell themselves as they sacrifice ‘life’ to build a business that will give them an enjoyable life. It’s almost ironic, and yet it’s true. It’s imperative that you stop and ask yourself what you really want in life. Getting in touch with your inner desires will show you what is really important in life to you.

Do you want to be rich and sick? Nobody does. Set aside an hour or even 30 minutes a day to exercise or just get some activity in your day. You want to be a multi-dimensional human being.

That time you set aside to exercise will leave you with more energy to devote to your business. You’ll be less likely to gain weight and you’ll look better and feel better.

Do not neglect your family and friends either. Very often, sacrificing time with the loved ones is one of the first things that people do to free up time for their business.

Assuming that your loved ones will wait till your business is thriving to have time with you is a huge mistake. You may even feel self-righteous and tell yourself that you’re doing it for them – but they’re not appreciating your magnanimity.

To them, all they want is time with you and attention from you. You must put yourself in their shoes.

While you do not need to spend hours a day with your family, you shouldn’t neglect them either.

Get in touch with your inner self and analyze your life through the eyes of a dispassionate viewer. Are you making any cardinal errors? Is your life out of whack? Is it unbalanced?

Your online business is a part of your life. If you let it consume you and become your entire life, you’ll probably end up miserable, lonely and sick. Work-life balance is a myth. It’s all life… and the balance has to be within you. Strike that balance as best as you can. Online side income like starting a small Etsy shop would be wonderful as it does not take your time to build a website or start up to start your own online business. You can sign up and then you have your shop ready to add your listings. There are so many people have succeeded doing this.  If you would like to start your own Etsy Shop I have a link here just for you!  You can open a NEW Etsy shop with 40 FREE Listing. Grab your free 40 listing link Here.

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