4 Stress Management Tips for Women

4 Stress Management Tips for Women

There’s often debate as to whether women are more stressed-out than men or vice-versa. Well, the verdict is in – women usually have it harder. While men may have to cope with stressful events at work or they may have a mid-life crisis, with women, not only do they have to cope with external stressors, but internal stresses too. I trust these 4 stress management tips for women will enlighten you and help you.

When a woman gets pregnant, her hormones will fluctuate. She’ll have mood swings, food aversions, fatigue, backaches, etc. These are all stressful symptoms that will exist even if she’s glad that she’s going to become a mother.

Many years later, she’ll experience new stressors from menopause where she has hot flashes, mood changes, night sweats, sleep problems and so on. These will stress her out too. You can read why some people handle stress better here.

In between, life will have its usual challenges. She may need to juggle her career and her kids and household commitments, etc. It’s a never-ending rollercoaster of challenges with high and lows.

Over and above that, the media often portrays unrealistic images of how women should look like or behave. This sets up unrealistic expectations for the woman who now wonders if she’s good enough. Yet, another stressor to cope with.

Let’s look at a few ways women can manage stress and retain their sanity in the process.

1. Be easy on yourself

The key to dealing with all these stressors is to stop worrying. Stop placing unnecessary stress on yourself. Millions of women worry that they’ll not be good mothers or wives, etc. The place immense pressure on themselves. It’s pointless and only serves to put you on edge on the time. Relax.

2. Make time for yourself

Go for a massage. Treat yourself to the spa. Spend some time away from the constant demands of your kids and spouse. Go ahead and read a book or head to the movies.

Taking time for yourself will make you a better wife and mother. Many women feel like they’re neglecting their kids if they were to focus on their own needs for a while. The truth is that you’ll be able to function better when you’ve de-stressed.

Rest assured that you deserve a break. Music is the space between the notes. Go ahead and ask your partner to look after the children while you spend an evening with your friends.

3. Eat clean, exercise often and sleep well

Your diet is of paramount importance and will impact how you look and feel. Do not binge eat and use food as therapy. If you’re stressed out, exercise is a better way to de-stress. Bingeing will only leave you feeling guilty and the sugar crash will leave you feeling worse off. You can read my blog on Exercise Your Stress Away here.

Go to bed earlier and try to get 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. You’ll be amazed at how rejuvenating sleep can be. It’s one of the best ways to manage stress… and every woman needs her beauty sleep.

4. Analyze your situation

If you’re a single mother or you’re facing different stresses in your life, always write it all down in a journal and see where you stand. Putting it on paper is not only cathartic but it gives you an opportunity to see exactly how things are and what steps you can take to remedy the current problems.

Make a plan of action and follow the plan. You’ll be amazed at how less stressed you feel when you know exactly what’s going on and that you’re on track to making things better. Living life with breaks and purpose will bring you peace. Let’s try these 4 stress management tips for women to see how you can reduce or completely eliminate stress from your life. 

4 Stress Management Tips for Women

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