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Aloe Vera

All About Aloe Vera – Beauty Hacks. I started using this amazing herb many years ago. Many years ago, a close friend of mine gave me a nice plant of aloe vera. Reluctantly, although I did plant it, I soon forgot about it. A little while later, another friend asked me whether I’d ever tried fresh Aloe Vera gel for my face. I always had acne from my teenage years (there’s always that one poor kid!) and although the number has died down a fair amount, occasionally get it even today, as an adult. Anyway, I had completely forgotten about that faithful Aloe Vera plant to which I gave little care, affection and my attention and, well, I tried using the gel on those annoying bits of acne and voila! Within a few days (at the most, a week), the acne I had on my face disappeared without a trace. That was the beginning of my journey with this amazing miraculous herb, the humble Aloe Vera. The clear gel from the cut leaves has soothing, healing and hydrating properties, particularly for burns.


Aloe Vera is a succulent plant with fleshy light green leaves. It requires a sunny position and well-drained soil and also makes an excellent indoor plant with good lighting.

At the center of aloe vera leaves is a thick, colourless gel. This is useful for treating burns and dry skin conditions. Not only can this gel be used for the speedy healing of acne and burns, there are actually a number of benefits and here, I present to you, the amazing benefits of this clear gel of aloe vera:

Aloe Vera for burns

The cooling gel can be utilised to soothe the pain of burns and reduce inflammation, as well as protect one from infections through cuts in the skin. In fact, research estimates that using aloe vera speeds up burn healing time by more than 8 days, resulting in a more rapid growth process of replacing dead skin cells with new, fresh ones to make your skin look gorgeous as usual.

As a mild defoliant

Aloe vera is excellent to use as a mild exfoliation. The gel from the actual aloe vera plant itself contains natural substances which stimulate cell regeneration. Aloe vera gel also assists in the prevention of scarring and it also allows for wrinkles to be diminished.

Aloe Vera for Acne

Apply aloe vera gel daily on the skin to get rid of acne (although you should ensure the same bit of the aloe vera plant used for one bit should not be reused on another bit of skin, as it can easily spread the acne, resulting in the opposite effect). Not only does it heal the acne, but it also prevents the skin from scarring afterwards.

You get acne for many reasons, from teenage years, even up to adult years. I wrote a blog post about acne – What Causes Acne. 

As as a moisturiser

Aloe Vera is a great moisturiser; use this as part of your daily beauty regime. You can feel the difference when you use it daily. It makes your skin feel nice and fresh, ready for the day ahead, with plenty of shininess to make you look great.

Aloe Vera as a hair tonic

Use fresh aloe vera gel on your wet hair and keep for it about 15 min and rinse it off to use as a hair tonic to make it look glossy and keep your hair healthy. This can be done once a week to allow for increased and better results.

As a remedy for dandruff

Apply fresh aloe vera gel on the hair, massage well and rinse after 20 minutes. This is an excellent natural remedy for dandruff and is possibly even more effective, in my opinion, than many of those expensive shampoos and formulas made by hair specialists today.

Aloe Vera as a hand mask

Applying aloe vera gel is a great hand mask to make your hands nice and soft, helping even out your skin tone and reduce age spots. Apply aloe vera gel over clean hands and leave for 20 min and rinse off.

When shopping for aloe vera commercial products choose those certified by the International Aloe Science Council, which ensures your product is high quality. Also, do not swallow or take internally. Please consult your medical professional before if you must internally consume such.



Disclaimer: This website is written by a regular human. I am not a Health Professional. Please get professional medical advice for your specific health needs.



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